27th March 2023

Future of in-car UI

Future in-car UI’s are likely to be shaped by advancements in technology and a focus on customisation for the driver and passengers. Here are few trends and developments that could shape in-car interfaces in the near future:

  1. AI: Artificial Intelligence will play an increasingly important role in the future in-car UI. For example, advanced systems will be able to learn a drivers/passengers preferences and habits, which in turn would offer them personalised experiences and recommendations.
  2. Gesture Controls: This technology allows for making a safer and more intuitive experiences by allowing the driver to control various functions without the need to touch the cars interface.
  3. Immersive Experiences: The in-car environment is the ideal environment to create immersive experiences. It’s a place where users are likely to spend hours a week travelling back-and-to to destinations, therefore it’s an ideal environment to provide the opportunity to affect the human senses and emotions. With the used of AR, interactive mood lighting and sound, the in-car experience is going to be more engaging and personalised in the future.
  4. Intuitive interfaces: As in-car technology becomes more complex, there will be a greater need for interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use. This could include more human-centred/natural language voice commands and touchscreens with haptic feedback.
  5. Integration with other devices: In the future vehicles will become even more part of the broader ecosystem for smart connected devices, such as home systems and smart phones. It will allow for a truly connected digital experience.
  6. A focus on safety: In-car UI will continue to develop to ensure that it is safe for drivers and passengers to use while on the road, as well as an increase investment in cyber-security.

In-car UI is going to be focused on creating a more personalised, custom and intuitive environment. It’s going to be a “vessel” of creating mood defining immersive experiences that offers a seamless digital connection with the non-car world.

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