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Henllan Bakery

  • Agency: Entyce Creative
  • Role: Lead Designer
  • Date: 2021

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A North Wales based family-run bakery, that produces delicious products from breads to pasties, to scrumptious cakes and mouth-watering pies.

The company is known throughout the North of England and Wales and exports its delectable products across the Atlantic.

About the Project

When the bakery first came to us their packaging was minimal and lacked the strong visual branding that they were seeking to help them stand out on the supermarket shelves.

After discussing their key attributes for the packaging with the client, the creative team brainstormed ideas and initial concepts were developed and presented back to the client for feedback.

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When designing the packaging, our key aim was to bring the different products to life through illustrations that reflect the different flavours and by using bright colours that would grab the shoppers’ attention upon first glance.

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I hand drew the illustrations and then and then manipulated the sketches in Adobe Illustrator, resulting in a variety of packaging designs from coffee beans to chunks of chocolate!

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Half and Half Image

Web Concept

In addition to designing the packaging for the bakery, I was also tasked with designing a web concept for the welsh based company. Wireframes were initially created to determine the key features and content of the site before I moved onto the UI stage. The overall feedback was extremely positive and the client was impressed with the huge improvement and direction of the site.

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