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  • Agency: Entyce Creative
  • Role: Lead Designer
  • Date: 2020-2021

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A software company that is a leading provider in a customer-focused CRM, that allows businesses to record customer journeys.

About the Project

When the company first got in touch they were seeking a complete re-brand for the company and all of their marketing material. They wanted to promote their expertise and as well as the platform that they’ve developed.

My first task was to look at the branding for the company. They were completely open to design suggestions and wanted to be led by my expertise, so it was pretty much an ideal project as I had free range to develop ideas.

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After exploring a number of branding options, the chosen brand was based on the idea of people communicating.

The bold bright colours reflect the modern and playful image that they wanted to portray, this was then carried forward on other marketing material.

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The Website

Once the new branding was rolled out across printed collateral, the company then wanted to update the website. Wireframes were created and presented to the client before it progressed to the UI stage of the web project. The new site draws inspiration from the brandings bright colours and logo shapes. Bold and colourful images were also used throughout to continue the modern and playful approach.

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The end result, was an animated site that the clients were delighted with and clearly directs users to key information about the product.

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In addition to designing the website, I also produced a number of printed material such as brochures, flyers and adverts, all of which reflected the businesses brand guidelines.

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