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  • Agency: Freelance
  • Role: Designer
  • Date: 2021

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An application tracking software company, aimed specifically at the recruitment industry and built by recruiters.

About the Project

I was approached by the company to create an eye-catching brand that could easily be used on social platforms, packaging and other marketing collateral. They required the brand to be playful, approachable yet straight-talking, with a key focus on communication.

After discussing the desired attributes with the client and finding out more about the software, I sketched out initial ideas before developing them further into vector-based concepts before presenting to the client. Once the client decided on their preferred logo, I set about creating brand guidelines for them to use going forward.

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From the initial conversations I had with the client, they wanted to play on the words ‘T. recs’ with a T-Rex icon/illustration within the brand.

However, after the initial ideas were generated we felt that it could be seen as being a bit too gimmicky, therefore a more abstract approach was taken, and the swish mark within the “t” represents a dinosaur’s tail/tick all sitting within a communication symbol – the overriding key attribute the client wished to portray. The client was delighted with the end result.

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