3rd September 2021

What is a brand strategy and why is it important?

Before I talk about brand strategy, it’s important to define the word brand as there are many interpretations as to what it means.

You may have the opinion that a brand is a company’s logo, its website, or marketing material. You may even have the opinion that brand refers to a company’s tone of voice it portrays in copy and correspondence or perhaps.

People have different perspectives, meaning a brand is not what’s intended by a company or organisation but how its interpreted by its users and customers.

My perspective is that a brand is all of the above. I like to think of a brand as the company’s DNA. It’s the building blocks of everything you do and arguably one of the most powerful assets you have as you grow and develop your business.

What’s a brand strategy?

A brand strategy is a long-term blueprint as to how your brand will reach its pre-defined goals. A successful brand strategy should define the core elements of your brand and then articulate comprehensive brand guidelines as well as how you promote it in your sector.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the elements you’ll need to create a compelling brand strategy:

What’s is the brand’s purpose

A transparent brand’s purpose should create an alignment inside and outside of your company. A lot of employees in companies are often confused about and company’s purpose. If your staff aren’t clear about your brand purpose, your marketing and communication with customers could become a problem.

Brands Voice

A brand’s voice is how you communicate with your customers on your website, social platforms, printed material, and emails. That involves the tone and kind of language you’ll use as well as the visuals you’ll use to communicate. An example of a brand that has adopted a humour and fun brand voice is Aldi.

Brand Personality

A lot of companies overlook the importance of giving their brand a personality. Humanising your brand can help customers connect.

Target Audience

One of the most important components in a branding strategy is establishing who your target audience is and uncovering details about them such as demographics, problems they may face, and behavioural patterns.

Brands Values
By establishing your company’s values, you can judge how your brand will be perceived in the marketplace.

To conclude; A brand strategy will not only help you to acquire new users and customers, but it should also help make future marketing efforts easier and more focused.

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